Which Hand Wash is Best in India From Worst to Best in 2021

Which Hand Wash is Best in India From Worst to Best
Which Hand Wash is Best in India From Worst to Best
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Which Hand Wash is Best in India From Worst to Best

If You Use Dettol, Lifebuoy, Santoor, and Patanjali ingredient list of the hand wash. you are using if not then let me tell. you this it’s disappointing most trusted hand washes in the Indian market purchases with many hearts 3 penetrating chemicals. which may cause dryness, Eczema, itching, allergy is rough hands, and even cancer. wait a minute want hand wash is supposed to keep us disease-free. If you are using this kind of soap to wash your hands then you make a serious 10 issues now in the near future and the average person take a head bath three to four times a week washes his body once a day, but wash his hands 7 to 10 times in just one day. it gets extremely important to use a toxin-free hand wash.

Which is the best hand wash in the Indian market ?

let’s find out, Hello friends welcome to Tricksskill Blog to write this article I bought over 20 most selling hand washes in the Indian market. after closely going through each and every ingredient in them, I felt cheated most Indians including little kids are using these handwashes daily thinking that. they are killing germs and making their life better but actually every time. you use such toxic and wash you are harming yourself to make things employer for you.

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I have categorized all these handwashes into three categories on the basis of a number of harmful chemicals present in them starting with the category.

1 Category ( chemicals contains )

Which includes handwashes by that all Lifebuoy,Santoor, savlon ,Godrej ,Lux, dove fiama ,Di wills and fell. from sulfates to parabens to alcohols to cosmetic colors to artificial fragrances each of these handwashes. may have over 10 harsh chemicals. which main extremely damaged the skin and be using these hand washes on a daily basis. that all covering 80% of the Indian market is nothing short of a disappointment. others too have a similar story, it says the result of their over smart marketing tactics the catchy phrases that they write on their products. which makes us believe that it is something good for us. I wish the amount of effort they put in misleading as they, put the same in adding the right ingredients. this hand washes his claim to be antibacterial. but the synthetic agents added in them even kill the healthy bacteria. which are exceedingly important for the proper nourishment of the skin what concerns me more is the addition of the Chemicals. like SLS which have the capability to penetrate the skin as well, these micro Harsh Chemicals become the reason for most skin problems and can also measure with your blood to cause deadly diseases. like cancer one thing is for sure that if you are using these hand washes daily you are in some way harming your skin. so if you have any of these hand washes in your washroom throw them away. you will do yourself a favor.

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2 Category ( so-called natural hand washes)

This includes the so-called natural hand washes buy Dettol, Patanjali, medics tea tree, and green wave. these are those hand washes which are just telling you chemicals in the name of natural herbal and all that good stuff, that all has again been featured as they have recently launched a new hand wash which they claim to have created, with mums and is free from Harsh Chemicals and eyes but its reality flashes on your face. when you turn the bottle SLS base with EDT perfume and synthetic antibacterial agents this hand wash is far from natural than Patanjali’s so-called antibacterial herbal hand wash. does have a small percentage of Tulsi and Neem added. but in a cheap surfactant-based food preservative cosmetic color and perfume. as the fragrances ki-blinking for long, we have no idea what undisclosed Chemicals beer in a link, then I found some UK imported so-called tea tree and aloe vera based antibacterial hand washes. their label claims natural birthday ingredient lists all synthetic the closest cities and washers are to Aloe Vera and tea tree is their color. which is also synthetically achieved, then I found this minti citrus hand wash by Green be natural B charge you a fortune but the ingredients. were again a disappointment though it’s free from sulfates, that alone doesn’t make it toxin free actually there are many more handwashes that fall in the same category. overall all these and washers are a bit better than the ones in category number one but still, I would strongly recommend that you stay away from them, so we have seen over 15 handwashes but none of them being up to the mark are there any hand wash is which can be used on a daily basis without any very thankfully.

There are but frankly speaking, I am be disheartened by the whole hand wash market in India literally went to every product online and offline stores, and the following are the best. I could find which are included in the following category.

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3 Category ( By Nature ” recommended” )

These include handwashes By Nature trail ecosattva purity and rustic art nature trail,  is in India and brand which have tried to show good intentions by making a hand watch.  features sulphate and paraben-free. Does have one or two Harsh Chemicals because of which I feel its pricing is on a higher side equal to one natural hand wash has kept in the region. list very straightforward 50% of active Botanical surfactants, which is nothing but Rita along with water more in its one good budget-friendly option in the Indian market. although I would have been happier, if they have not added this 2% fragrance then I found these hand washes online buy pure see which is absolutely free from all Harsh Chemicals. but because it’s imported products. it will burn your pockets rustic art has been able to hit the sweet spot of good pricing and 100% natural ingredients. they have two products one a liquid hand wash and another accountant rate .which is the water-saving eco-friendly products simply dilute overnight and it’s ready to use.

I am seriously impressed by this product they have set themselves apart from the whole market with no compromise budget-friendly products in the market. I hope other brands take inspiration from it and we get to see more competition in this space to that’s all about hand washes.  I want to confirm that whatever happened Konkan in this video is my honest opinion.

*I am not against any brand I rate a product on its merits. I am always happy to encourage the brands which are genuinely limiting natural products and trying to make a change in the market. I want to thank you for partnering with us for this article.

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